• 1500 ha easy to steep hill country

• Located in the Ruakituri Valley 120km from Whangara and North West of Wairoa

• Attitude 350-850metres

• Winters 13,500 cattle SU

• 8000 ewes, 450 cows, 100 R2yr cattle, 200 R1yr cattle

• Ewes and cows to terminal genetics and all progeny killed. Calves are moved to Whangara to be finished. Lambs come up from Whangara in the dry seasons.

• Replacement ewes and cows come from Whangara

• 3 labour units based here Manager Andrew Burns, shepherd Chris MacDonald and junior shepherd TBA

• Generally good rainfall in Summer and cold in the winter

Our Tongataha Team

Andrew Burns

Manager (Tongataha)

Chris MacDonald



Junior Shepherd