Wūru papai

Whangara is home to 60,000 sheep that roam freely on rich, coastal pastures. Healthy, happy sheep grow the best wool, so at Whangara Farms we make sure we nourish and care for our animals all year round. Then they can grow long, white, strong wool to be shorn twice a year, keeping our sheep comfortable and in peak condition.

The mark of quality wool

Our wool is in great demand, and particularly favoured by Merino NZ and Dutch carpet manufacturer Best Wool, who in turn produce some of the world’s finest and most innovative carpets. Best Wool demand the highest standards both in terms of fibre quality, and ethical production and care for the environment. 

Whangara Farms are ZQ Premium Wool certified - an accreditation programme that gives confidence to our markets that their wool is sourced from woolgrowers committed to continually improving product performance, farm management practices, animal health and welfare, environmental, economic and social values.

Independent third party auditing is also undertaken by AsureQuality, an internationally recognised organisation, to ensure that our production systems meet the highest standards.

At Whangara we farm a breed of sheep renowned for producing a robust fibre we know is well suited to the demands of premium flooring. But the nature of the land and innovative approach of our people sees us on a constant quest to produce other wool better suited to different markets. For example, we’re currently trialling a breeding programme using fine wool genetics to master the production of wool for performance socks. If successful it will prove that, with the right management and genetics, fine wool can be produced in lowland coastal regions of New Zealand, opening a brand new market for our wool and our business.