Reme pūharu

It sounds obvious, but you only get prime NZ lamb from prime NZ sheep. We farm Romney sheep here; they’re well suited to the hilly terrain, produce strong, healthy lambs and a delicious and consistent quality of meat. One that’s enjoyed at home, in restaurants and at local barbies throughout New Zealand – and the world.

Raised happy, naturally

Contented, happy animals with a stress-free life produce the best tasting meat. So like our cattle, our sheep are free range and fed on a high quality diet of lush, green grass. We also include plantain, herbs and clover in their diet which many people believe – including us – makes our prime lamb taste even better.

Healthy and delicious

Nothing beats authentic New Zealand lamb, and that’s exactly what you get from Whangara Farms. Our lamb has a depth of flavour that only comes with natural rearing, and a tender juiciness all its own. Delivered healthy and fresh from farm gate to plate, you won’t find a more delicious cut of meat anywhere.