ō mātau whenua

This land is special, but at Whangara Farms we believe we do not 'own' the land. We are merely custodians for future generations. Paikea sowed the seeds, so that we continue to nurture and sustain the bounty of these lands. This is reflected in our logo, which depicts Paikea riding a whale safely back to shore.

Beauty and Peacefulness

Whangara is part of us. These rolling green hills beside the ocean with rich, fertile fields, are where the sun first rises. Such qualities are unique to Whangara, a word that breathes life and energy into our community; and into the souls of our tamariki.

The Kaitiaki

We are the guardians of Whangara Farms. Every generation embraces our kaitiakitanga. It is our duty and our honour to protect and preserve the life of this land. The land that has fed our people and created world-class agricultural treasures for decades.