1st October 1969.

An inaugural meeting of shareholders was held to vote in the first ever committee of management for the newly amalgamated Whangara A3 and Whangara A4. The newly formed Tapuwae Whitiwhiti consisted of 2,348 acres (950.60 hectares) and 117 shareholders with a total shareholding of 239,339 Tapuwae Whitiwhiti shares.

Since our earliest days, we have stood by the kaupapa of helping to financially support our Marae and have dedicated to take care of our own. We annually donate to both the Whangara Marae and Church and Te Poho o Rawiri Marae.

The early success of the amalgamation was owed in part to the efforts of its first Chairman James Priestly and although there have been ups and downs through the years, as an incorporation, Tapuwae Whitiwhiti still stands strong.

Tapuwae Whitiwhiti is a Māori Incorporation that owns a coastal sheep and beef property 10km of Gisborne. In 2015, with 285 shareholders we brought a total of 1345.0311 hectares (392.1511 leasehold), 5,545 sheep and 1,108 cattle to join Whangara B5 and Pakarae in partnership. Sharing whakapapa and common land boundaries made this next step in our journey the most sensible thing to do. It allows us all economies of scale in production, efficient use of resources and greater risk mitigation – three stations together are better than one on its own.

The efforts of past, current and future committees ensure that our minds and hearts are towards the welfare of our business, our whanau, our land, our home. Tapuwae Whitiwhiti.

Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua

As man disappears from sight, the land remains