Mīti kau pūharu

At Whangara Farms we always aim to bring you a superior product. That’s why for over 30 years now we’ve farmed Angus cattle here; they forage well, cope easily with hilly terrain, and they’re hardy enough to thrive even during the long, dry sunny spells we enjoy in this part of the country. Plus of course they deliver some of the tastiest beef around.

Grass-fed and raised naturally

Natural is always best, so our cattle are reared as nature intended. Allowed to roam free amongst the beautiful countryside, every cow is lush green grass-fed, with hay and baleage supplemented only when weather demands. It’s a wonderful quality of life for them, and results in a delicious tasting product on your plate too.

The true taste of Angus Beef

Juicy, tender and full of flavour, Prime Angus Beef is renowned for its quality, and the beef we farm here certainly hits the mark. In fact some of the locals here reckon it’s the best they’ve ever tasted! At present 100% of our beef goes to the Silver Fern Farms brand, so look out for it in your local supermarket. We can guarantee you a top class feed.