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Farewell to General Manager, Richard Scholefield, after 17 years

Whāngārā Farms’ story is a tale of timeless mana. It is much more than a word and a place. It is alive, and is the home of those whose beating hearts are intertwined with the whenua. It is an intergenerational expanse; where we, as guardians have and will continue to protect the richness of this place for centuries to come.

For seventeen years, the devotion and leadership of Whāngārā Farms General Manager, Richard Scholefield, has been integral to the success of Whāngārā Farms.

Last week, Whāngārā Farms farewelled Richard and his family from our organisation.

Since 2005, Richard has been at every step of Whāngārā Farms’ journey, from supporting the unifying of our three incorporations Whāngārā B5, Pakarae and Tapuwae Whitiwhiti, to protect, improve and sustainably develop the land for future generations; to our groundbreaking relationships with McDonalds and Silver Fern Farms.

“Richard’s experience, care and tenacity have been the driving force behind integrating sustainable management practices and helping the farm achieve the way that it has,” says Board Chair Ingrid Collins.

Whāngārā Farms leaves Richard, Karen and their children with this whakatauki: He honotāngata e kore e motu; kāpā he taura waka e motu. Unlike a canoe rope, a human bond cannot be severed.

The bonds that you have created, and the memories that you have left with our people throughout the organisation and community are untold.

Whāngārā Farms thanks Richard, Karen and their children for seventeen years of unwavering commitment and devotion to our vision, our organisation and our whānau. The part that you have played in our story of timeless mana is tremendous.

We wish the Scholefield’s luck and aroha on their journey.