Tapuwae Whitiwhiti Committee of Management

Pehimana (Pene) Brown


My interests in Tapuwae Whitiwhiti have come to me through my father Michael Haapu Brown who was a Committee Member and Farm Supervisor for Tapuwae Whitiwhiti. He was one of the original committee members appointed on the 16th October, 1965, after the amalgamation Of Whangara A3 and Whangara A4. His father was Pehimana Haapu who became one of the first Maori farm managers to be appointed by the East Coast Commission.

I have widespread experience in governance, working with a range of organizations in the areas of farming, health, and social needs. I work continually in successfully organising the correctly appointed land committees to achieve the aspirations of their stakeholders. Many of the positions I hold, show that I have commitment and integrity with an appetite for hard work. I have developed excellent people skills that are essential for putting together teams that reach their required outcomes effectively.

I am also active in Iwi, Hapu, and Whanau governance centered around;

  • Improving productivity of farms in our district - Mangatu Blocks Incorporated
  • Strong sponsor of the retention of essential primary health services in our district – Turanga Health
  • Worked with the implementation for Iwi engagement with local government – Wastewater Strategy, Freshwater Strategy, Regional Transport and Oil & Petroleum

Current Land Based Directorships/Trusteeships include;

  • Paokahu/Kopututea Trusts’ - coastal properties in Turanganui a Kiwa
  • Tapuwae Whitiwhiti Inc - coastal property at Whangara/Pouawa
  • Te Whanau a Taupara Trust - horticultural property on the Poverty Bay flats
  • Mangatu Blocks Inc - hill country sheep and beef at Whatatutu
  • Mangaotane Trust - forestry property at Mangaotane

Current Community Directorships/Trusteeships include;

  • Te Aitanga a Mahaki Trust – Tribal Entity
  • Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa - Maori Authority
  • Turanga Health - Iwi Provider of primary health services

I have always believed and worked for the economic interests of Maori especially their proprietary interests in assets that still need accessing through better structures and processes. Maori land enterprises want continuous improvement and ownership in the delivery of core programmes that enhance their operations. It is also important to note that Maori have cultural rights that need balancing against the wishes of their communities and the aspirations of the nation as a whole.

Mauri Ora Pene Brown

Tama Brown

Committee of Management Member

Tama’s father, Miki Haapu Brown, was raised on the Whangara Farms at Pouawa. Miki became a long term committee member and Farm Supervisor of the Tapuwae Whitwhiti Incorporation. Tama replaced him when he retired in the 80’s and now he is a long term committee member.

Tama’s background is in financial and agriculture management and iwi development.  His tertiary qualifications are a Bachelor of Agricultural Commerce and a Masters of Business Administration.

He began his working life with the Department of Maori Affairs as a Field Officer and eventually moved to commence work for his iwi in Gisborne and has been with them for the last twenty five years.  He has had various roles within the iwi organization Te Runanga O Turanganaui A Kiwa, including Mana Enterprises Co-ordinator, Financial Controller, Economic Base Manager and Chief Executive Officer.

Tama now contracts his services to the Runanga and other Maori entities, and is a Trustee and Committee member of many local Maori Trusts and Incorporations.

Tama sees his role as a servant leader, he has served his people since he left Lincoln College in the early 80’s.

Sharon Westrupp

Committee of Management Member

Ko Iranui Haapu tōku kuia
Ko Mahue Kokiri tōku koroua
Ko Leslie Kokiri Grant tōku pāpā
Ko Marileen Dinnis tōku māmā
Engari, e tipu ake au ki te taha o toku matua whangai, ko Hana raua ko Harry Grant
Ko Sharon Westrupp ahau

Attending our farm and whānau hui since I was young, (yes, I was one of those kids who ran in and out of the meetings while all the adults asked questions of the committees), I have always been led back home to Whangara, especially where our whenua and mahi is concerned.  My own children followed my steps, in that they then became the kids running in and out while I stood amongst the whānau with my own questions.

Having been nominated onto the committee for Tapuwae Whitiwhiti in 2013, I have been very eager to learn what happens on the ‘other side of the table’, whilst ensuring that the voice of the whanau is heard and that Te Ao Māori is always a strong consideration in what we do as a business.

In 2014 & 2015 saw my inclusion in a sub-committee which measured the pros and cons for our inclusion in the Whangara Farms Partnership.  Upon our joining of the Whangara Farms Partnership in 2015, I quickly joined the Whangara Farms sub-committee for Branding, which was responsible for guiding the new website development as well as development of our own unique branding for our products.

In 2018 I completed a Diploma in Māori Leadership and Governance, which has enabled me to ask the right questions and provide sound information when needed.  I have regularly attended FOMA conferences on behalf of our committee. I am also able to keep up with new trends and ideas happening locally, nationally and internationally, as well as networking with other influential Māori business people.

However, beyond all of this, my core focus is that our Tapuwae Whitiwhiti whenua and farming business will be of benefit to us now, to our children tomorrow and to their children mo ake tonu.  I believe in the concept that we are only caretakers of the land and therefore see it as my responsibility to ensure that our farming is based on a long-term vision where the land is our provider, but also is protected by us.

Our land is representative of who we are as a people, therefore its up to us to showcase our culture in all aspects.

Toitu te whenua, toitu te tangata
The land thrives, the people thrive

Wilson Karatea

Committee of Management Member