Whangara Farm Board Whakahaere

Rather than a company, trust or other business model, Pakarae A and other blocks, Tapuwae Whitiwhiti and Whangara B5 chose to enter into a partnership. The main reason being under a partnership model they could design their own rules and maintain their taxation status as a Māori Authority.

From the outset, the Partners placed their land, buildings and livestock at the use of the partnership. This has allowed the Partners to retain ownership in their own names for these important assets. The value of the assets placed at the use of the partnership determined the profit share of the partners.

The other main document of the partnership is the terms of reference, which states the terms under which the partnership board operates. It is reviewed and set each year by the partners. This is an important control document for the partners as each year they need to approve the strategic plan, business plan and budget as proposed by the partnership board.

Ingrid Nea Collins MNZM

Chairperson - Shareholder Member - Whangara B5 representative

Ko Pukehapopo te maunga
Ko Waiomoko te awa
Ko Pureihuriata te waka
Ko Ngati Konohi te hapu
Ko Te Aitanga-A-Hauiti te Iwi
Ko Ingrid Nea Collins toku ingoa

Chairperson – Whangara Farms
Chairperson – Whangara B5 Incorporation
Co-Chair Tairawhiti Whenua Discussion Group
Co-Owner/CE Three Rivers Medical Ltd

Ingrid has four decades experience in Māori Land Incorporations management and Māori land-based business. In addition to a successful farm operation on the East Coast of New Zealand, Ingrid’s expertise includes health management and Corporate Governance.

Current directorships include Chair of Whangara B5 Incorporation and Whangara Farms. Co-Chair of Tairawhiti Whenua Maori Discussion Group, Trustee of Chelsea Private Hospital Gisborne, Matai Brain Injury and Heart Disease Trustee. Matai is setting up a research School of Excellence in Tairawhiti, targeting Maori and others. Medical Professors from around the world are involved and support this kaupapa. Ingrid has also served 10 years on the Tairawhiti District Health Board - the last nine as Chair. Joined at the onset and was a committee member for 15 years on FOMA.

Ingrid is a trustee of 28 Maori Battalion C Company, Patron of the Gisborne Malaysian Forces. Has travelled and presented in Geneva, Germany, and many speaking engagements throughout New Zealand. In 2008 she became a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to Māori and Health. A staunch supporter of the All Blacks and Silver Ferns Netball.

Murray Jamieson

Deputy Chairperson & Independent Board Member

After 30 years dairy farming which involved winning multiple dairy industry awards, I embarked on an agribusiness governance career. This led to being contracted by both the Ministry of Primary Industries and Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, to primarily provide strategic advice to Iwi agribusiness ventures.

At this time, I was also Principal Farm Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor at Lincoln University providing a vital link between the rural sector and University curriculum.

Currently, I sit on a number of boards from Kaitaia to Southland of both Iwi and commercial entities covering a wide spectrum of agricultural operations along with providing consulting services to a mix of clientele.

I live on a dairy farm on the Hamilton city boundary with my wife and three young children.

Pehimana (Pene) Brown

Board Member - Shareholder Member - Tapuwae Whitiwhiti representative

Pehimana (Pene) Brown

My interests in Tapuwae Whitiwhiti hae come through my father Michael Haapu Brown who was a Committee Member and Farm Supervisor for Tapuwae Whitiwhiti. He was one of the original committee members appointed on the 16th October 1965, after the amalgamation of Whangara A3 and Whangara A4.  His father was Pehimana Haapu who became one of the first Māori farm managers to be appointed by the East Coast Commission.




I have widespread experience in governance, working with a range of organizations in the areas of farming, health, and social needs. I work continually in successfully organising the correctly appointed land committees to achieve the aspirations of their stakeholders. Many of the positions I hold, show that I have commitment and integrity with an appetite for hard work. I have developed excellent people skills that are essential for putting together teams that reach their required outcomes effectively.

I am also active in Iwi, Hapu, and Whanau governance centered around;

  • Improving productivity of farms in our district - Mangatu Blocks Incorporated
  • Strong sponsor of the retention of essential primary health services in our district – Turanga Health
  • Worked with the implementation for Iwi engagement with local government – Wastewater Strategy, Freshwater Strategy, Regional Transport and Oil & Petroleum

Current Land Based Directorships/Trusteeships include;

  • Paokahu/Kopututea Trusts’ - coastal properties in Turanganui a Kiwa
  • Tapuwae Whitiwhiti Inc - coastal property at Whangara/Pouawa
  • Te Whanau a Taupara Trust - horticultural property on the Poverty Bay flats
  • Mangatu Blocks Inc - hill country sheep and beef at Whatatutu
  • Mangaotane Trust - forestry property at Mangaotane

Current Community Directorships/Trusteeships include;

  • Te Aitanga a Mahaki Trust – Tribal Entity
  • Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa - Maori Authority
  • Turanga Health - Iwi Provider of primary health services

I have always believed and worked for the economic interests of Maori especially their proprietary interests in assets that still need accessing through better structures and processes. Maori land enterprises want continuous improvement and ownership in the delivery of core programmes that enhance their operations. It is also important to note that Maori have cultural rights that need balancing against the wishes of their communities and the aspirations of the nation as a whole.

auri Ora Pene Brown

Hayden Swann

Board Member - Shareholder Member - Pakarae A & Other Blocks representative

Hayden's affiliations to Pakarae are through his grandfather Heemi Kauta who was an elder of Ngāti Konohi, Ngāti Oneone, Ngai Tai and Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki.

Hayden is the Principal of Makaraka School in Gisborne and is passionate about education and enabling our rangatahi to grow and be successful leaders for our future.

Hayden holds many governance roles including Deputy Chair of Pakarae Incorporation, Chairing the Mangaotane Farm Trust, Chairman of the Poverty Bay Rugby Union, Executive of the Poverty Bay A & P Association (Agricultural and Pastoral Association), Director of Ngāti Porou Whanau Forest, Ngāti Porou Land Trust, Hauiti Incorporation and Mangaheia 2D Incorporation (Paroa Station), Director of Gisborne Holdings Limited, Director of Turanga Ngahere and Federation of Māori Authorities (FOMA) Tairāwhiti Representative.

Hayden is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors and holds a Bachelor of Education, Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Practice, Post Graduate Diploma in Administration and Leadership.

Dr Andrew West

Independent Board Member

Andrew is a scientist who holds a PhD in microbial ecology with many international publications. Over a 17 year period he was a Vice-Chancellor of Lincoln University (650 staff, $280m in assets, $115 million in revenue), Chief Executive of AgResearch Ltd (1.300 staff, $250m in assets, $160 million in revenue), founding Executive Chairman of the Tertiary Education Commission (350 staff, $30m in assets, $2.2 billion revenue), Chief Executive of the NZ Qualifications Authority (280 staff, $15m in assets, $38 million in revenue) and Chief Executive of GNS Science (260 staff, $18m in assets, $32 million in revenue).

Previously he led the reform of the New Zealand's public science system and then its tertiary education system.  He lives on a "life sentence" block on the outskirts of Cambridge in the Waikato, and rides motorcycles for business and recreation.

Dr Andrew West specialises in investing in and governing or managing high technology start-ups, mainly with a green technology specialisation including:

  • Matū GP Ltd (co-founding General Partner, Auckland; a specialist NZ-developed, high-tech, early-stage investment fund, Auckland)
  • Synthase Biotech (Managing Director and co-founder, Hamilton; focused on improving livestock fertility with a life-extending recombinant enzyme)
  • Bioceta Ltd (Managing Director, Hamilton; anaerobic digestion of primary industry wastes
  • Ligar Ltd (Chairman, Hamilton; high value or polluting molecules extraction technology, focused on wines and medicinal cannabinoids)
  • Lanaco Ltd (Chairman, Auckland; wool-based air filtration and facemask technology)
  • The Astino Sheep Company (Director, Wanaka; high-value and meat sheep genetics company)
  • Humble Bee Ltd (Investor Director, Wellington; proteinaceous biomaterials technology)
  • Te Whāi Ao Group Ltd (Chairman, Tauranga; Māori Investment Fund)
  • Te Awanui Huka Pak Ltd (Chief Technology Officer, Tauranga; the largest Māori orchard collective, focused on bio extracts/nutraceuticals.