History and Vision

The partnership between two Maori incorporations, Pakarae and Whangara B5 has created a significant farming operation leading the way for Maori land-based businesses.

The Whangara Farms partnership was formed in 2006 when two neighbouring farms, Pakarae and Whangara B5, joined to form a 5600 hectare property running a Romney based flock of 30,000 sheep and a herd of 5000 Angus-cross cattle. The partnership expects to run 60,000 stock units within the next five years.

The original driving force behind the establishment of Whangara Farms was partnership and B5 chairperson Ingrid Collins, who has been involved with Maori land in this region for the past 35 years, the late John McGhee, the then chairperson of Pakarae A and other blocks and Mr Torrie, who has been involved with Maori land for the past 15 years.